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Snazzy New Aliens

A lot of the feedback we got from people who played Cletus Clay at Eurogamer last year made it clear that you wanted to see more variety in our aliens. We are listening, and we are currently working on creating additional squishy pink extraterrestrial lovelies for Cletus and his brother Emmet to pummel. As with […]

How to make a Cletus Clay Crab – Part 2

Now roll out 2 even smaller balls. These are going to be the bottom claws. Once your bottom claws are made you can attach them. Now you can put the legs together. To make sure they are relatively strong, blend the clay together underneath the arm. The smallest arm joint should be the one nearest […]

How to Make a Cletus Clay Crab – Part 1

After my workshop at the Bradford Animation Festival I thought it would be a good idea to pop up a tutorial for making a crab. This was something my lovely students seemed to enjoy making and were able to put their own creative stamp on their crab design, we even had a grinning crab at […]

How to Make a Claymation Sandcastle

This is a great model to make if you are creating a beach scene. This is a bit of a fiddly model to make so don’t drink lots of coffee first. Steady hands are your friend. 1.Start by making the base of your sandcastle. The bigger your base the more towers you can fit on […]