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Size Doesn’t Matter Day Part 2

Yesterday was Size Doesn’t Matter Day, organized by Jamie Cheng from Klei, when game developers talk about how the length of a game is or isn’t important relative to its other merits.  First Alex wrote his thoughts, now Anthony Flack now has his say. We’ve included links to more blogs at the end of this […]

Musical Musings

Happy New Year everybody! I’ve been back-and-forth a bit on the subject of the game’s music for a long time. I had recorded a few tracks a long time ago; mostly raucous bluegrass-inflected stuff as you might expect, but I don’t want to simply do the obvious thing. It’s going to have to have some […]

Cletus Dojo

Recently I’ve been playing with ideas for a tutorial area. I always had a rough idea of how this would go, but as usual it comes out a little bit different once you actually sit down and try to work through all the details. The idea is that Cletus has a barn decked out with […]

It’s A Hard Life For An Alien

Doing Nothing

After turning out hundreds of animation frames of the aliens performing all kinds of actions, this week I spent some time working on things for them to do while doing nothing. Because at the moment, when they do nothing, they really do nothing. They just stand there, and maybe blink a bit. I hadn’t really […]