New Cletus Clay Videos and Screenshots

Because you are all so special, we have some pre Christmas treats for you all. We have uploaded two new Cletus Clay videos to YouTube and are releasing some shiny new screenshots.

The first is a ‘Making of’ video featuring Anthony Flack talking through the process of getting our clay models into a level of Cletus Clay. Anthony describes how he goes from initial concept sketches to clay model making and all the way through to making the models appear in the level. The footage also includes a stop motion animation of Anthony building one of the models for the game.

The second features some early gameplay footage with Sarah manning the joypad.

Cletus Clay Screenshot

This is going to end badly

Cletus Clay Screenshots

What is he drinking?

Cletus Clay Screenshots

Nice barn!

Cletus Clay Screenshots

Warring factions

The screen shots are taken from footage shown at the Eurogamer Expo this year and show Cletus and Emmet kicking some Alien booty.

Ho ho ho!

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