Monthly Archives: December 2009

Merry Cletus!

So, the Tuna people are off for a short holiday, possibly in the traditional Christmas snow. Meanwhile, here in New Zealand, the start of the Christmas season brings the first of the really nice weather as summer finally starts to kick in properly. I’m going to try to resist the temptation to get a beer, […]

Clay Arcade

Have a look at the graphics for one of the minigames… running on a clay arcade cabinet! Well, sort of – this is just a mock-up for now. Because the hands are seen in greater detail than they are in the rest of the game I had to experiment to find the best way of […]

New Cletus Clay Videos and Screenshots

Because you are all so special, we have some pre Christmas treats for you all. We have uploaded two new Cletus Clay videos to YouTube and are releasing some shiny new screenshots. The first is a ‘Making of’ video featuring Anthony Flack talking through the process of getting our clay models into a level of […]